About Us

We live in the beautiful Northern Irish countryside with our two Tamaskan girls (Okami and Chise). They are our pets first and foremost. We are very passionate about the future of the Tamaskan dog and take a special interest in ensuring the breed remains healthy, with good temperament and sound structure. In our minds it is vital to work with and support other breeders to continue the development of this beautiful breed.
My name is Beth and I am a self-employed dog boarder and groomer. I also have a background in equine riding, care and breeding from before I started grooming. I am the main driving force behind Yonomori Tamaskan and am constantly researching and learning to help improve my knowledge and help the development of the breed as a whole. In what little time I have left I love spending time training my girls, going on days out and being generally active. However I could not function without the unending support of my partner Huw.
Huw is the one who keeps everything (and everyone) going. He is a fantastic handyman around the house, everything from building the whelping box to repairing fences or converting a panel van to a custom camper so the dogs can come on holiday. Huw is a website developer as his full-time job and is the creator of this website. Alongside all of this he is there every day to help with all the dogs and is incredibly supportive!

Okami (Blustag Black Mamba)

Okami is our first Tamaskan and actually our first dog as independent adults. She had a less than ideal start in life, being under 4kg when we picked her up from the breeder at 9 weeks. Quickly after we picked her up she began to put on weight and thrive! She grew into the wonderful, friendly and active girl we have today. Okami has an outgoing personality although she is sensitive to the mood of her family. She is brave and will try new sports and challenges with little hesitation. Her movement is very expressive and she is light on her feet. Okami had one litter and although she was a fantastic mum she is now retired.
Sire: Blustag Athos Dam: Blustag Silver Phantom (Tamaskan) DoB: July 2015 Height: 25 inches Weight: 28 Kg Colour: White (ee) Hip Score: 11 DM: Clear Eyes: Clear Gene Tested: DCC, Embark Embark: Yes

Chise (Yonomori Jin)

Chise is from our first and only litter with Okami. Of all the pups in the litter, she was the thinker. It was fascinating to watch her assess a new situation without fear then move forward purposefully. She has a calm temperament and is very cuddly with family, but is aloof with strangers. She is not fearful of strangers and can be approached easily, but sees no value in them. Chise is a very tall girl and has very elegant movement, although she can get silly when meeting other dogs she likes (especially the boys)!
Sire: Blustag Pluto @Blaiddmon Dam: Blustag Black Mamba @Yonomori DOB: 23rd February 2019 Height: 27 inches Weight: 32kg Colour: Wolf Grey - white carrier (Ee) Hip score: 6 Elbows: 0 DM: Clear Eyes: Clear (and gonioscopy clear) Pituitary dwarfism: Clear OSD3: Clear Gene Tested: DDC, Geneseek, Embark Embark: Yes