We love to see our pups grow into beautiful, well balanced adults! To help ensure the best future for our pups we are using the Puppy Culture protocol, which has been proven to give puppies the best start in life. We wean all our puppies on raw and recommend new owners also consider raw feeding. We are happy to share resources and knowledge to get people new to raw feeding started. We will be Embark testing all puppies before they leave us and the full results of this will be shared and accessible by their new owners.

The Tamaskan breed

We are very passionate about the future of the Tamaskan dog and take a special interest in ensuring the breed remains healthy, with good temperament and sound structure This is why we do our research and look for the studs who complement our girls best in all aspects. In our minds it is vidal to work with and support other ethical breeders to continue the development of this beautiful breed.


Finding a reputable breeder can be difficult! The best place to start would be with the Tamaskan registries, of which we are active members of 2 (Tamaskan Dog Registry [TDR] and International Tamaskan Registry [ITR]) These registries have a code of ethics and health standards for all dogs bred under their registry. Any pups produced must have parents who at least meet these standards, otherwise they will not be registered.

So why look for a reputable breeder?

There are so many reasons, including supporting the long term survival and improvement of the Tamaskan breed as a whole and avoiding buying sickly or underweight puppies which could result in high vet bills.

Some of the reasons why a breeder may not be registered are:
  • They do not have true Tamaskan dogs, but similar breed mixes
  • The breeder's dogs do not meet the health testing or temperament standards required for breeding (these health risks can be passed on to future generations)
  • The breeder broke or refused to meet the rules and ethics set by the registry, which can include things like mistreatment of their dogs, selling sick or underweight puppies, and breeding of dogs with hereditary diseases.


Applications for our planned 2023 litter are now open. You can apply online here.